(B)(O)(C) <=> Bag Of Comments
(O)ccasionally about progress
(C)olaterally including facts

Table of Contents

1 Infamous first words

This text is a mess… just a starting brainstorm… it needs some time… be patient… please 🕉mmmmmm with me…

2 Some dates

2.1 20200214

2.1.1 New in irc.tilde.chat

more or less stealthy starting to acclimatise in irc.tilde.chat.

2.2 20200223

2.2.1 New at tilde.institute

login yeti
ssh key yeti@kumari
ssh key yeti@cubietruck1

2.2.2 screen autostart @reboot

see crontab and ~/.screenrc.cron-autostart

crontab -l | fgrep screen 
@reboot		./bin/screen -c ~/.screenrc.cron-autostart -O -U -dmS `hostname`

I do it in a similar way @home on lots of systems but on tilde.institute the reboot still needs a test… ;-)

2.2.3 tilde IRC channels

joined tilde IRC channels as seen in default ~/.weechat/irc.conf with weechat@home

2.2.4 ~/.kshrc ^= PS1   kshrc tramp

## new PS1
## needs to fall back to simple prompt if TERM!=screen or emacs/tramp
## will fail.
case $TERM in
	PS1='\[\ek(\u@$HOST:$LYN)\w\$ _\e\134\](\u@$HOST:$LYN)\w\$ '
	PS1="`whoami`@`hostname` \$ "

(\u@$HOST:$LYN)\w\$ ' is just classic ksh stuff.

\[\ek(\u@$HOST:$LYN)\w\$ _\e\134\] sets screen's buffer (window?) title to look like the current shell prompt.

N.b.: \\ needed to be transliterated to \134.

Then screen's buffer (window?) (type: ctrl-a ") looks like follows (empty lines at the end omitted):

Num Name                                                                  Flags

  0 (yeti@tilde.institute:pb)~/public_html$ _                                  
  1 (yeti@tilde.institute:pn)~$ _                                              

An other example from @home:

Num Name                                                                  Flags

  0 WeeChat 2.5                                                               $
  1 (yeti@cubietruck1:1)~$ _                                                  $
  8 (yeti@cubietruck1:2)~/Sync/radio$ _                                       $
  9 alsamixer                                                                 $
 41 (yeti@kumari:39)~/gitlab/hive-trios$ _                                    $
 42 (yeti@tilde.institute:pi)~/public_html$ _                                 $
 99 syncthing                                                                 $

<marvin martian voice>
Uuuuh! Isn't this delightful?
</marvin martian voice>

On my main workhorse I typically keep ±30 screen buffers at hand.
I rrreally like this hack(?)!

2.2.5 New at tildegit.org

login yeti
primary email yeti@tilde.institute
secondary email yeti@d-m-a.d (cryptic reminder for me)
ssh key yeti@kumari

2.3 20200224

2.3.1 Ok… need org/babel!   emacs

enable sh blocks.

2.3.2 HTTPD insights …

~/public_html is purely optional and CGIs should™ work:

cat /etc/httpd/$USER.conf
server "yeti.tilde.institute" {
	listen on $ext_addr port 80 block return 301 "https://$SERVER_NAME$REQUEST_URI"
    server "yeti.tilde.institute" {
		listen on $ext_addr tls port 443
		root "/users/yeti"
	tls {
	    key "/etc/letsencrypt/live/tilde.institute-0001/privkey.pem"
	    certificate "/etc/letsencrypt/live/tilde.institute-0001/fullchain.pem"
		directory index index.html
		directory auto index
		location "/*.cgi" {
		location "/*.php" {
			fastcgi socket "/run/php-fpm.sock"

2.4 20200225

2.4.1 eshell alias   emacs eshell

alias emacs 'find-file-other-window $1'

2.4.2 new at mastodon

account @yeti@tilde.zone

2.5 20200226

2.5.1 ~/.kshrc += TZ=UTC   kshrc

## I'm a hardcore UTC/GMT citizen!
export TZ

Check current setting:


2.5.2 screen-4.8

built screen-4.8 (to live in ~/bin) because OpenBSD-6.5's…

Screen version 4.00.03 (FAU) 23-Oct-06

…has problems with UTF-8.

2.5.3 $HOME was go+rx

drwxr-xr-x    9 yeti  tilde   1024 Feb 26 18:22 ./

is this neccessary?

now trying 700 until something breaks.
I'm 🕉ptimistic that no such thing will happen. ;-)

drwx------    9 yeti  tilde   1024 Feb 26 19:00 ./

2.6 20200227

2.6.1 Nah! I'm not an artist! (I)   layout org

Chiselled a bit to kind of give this org file a readable layout and colouring.

More in Nah! I'm not an artist! (II).

2.6.2 Read a bit…

2.7 20200228

2.7.1 pad.tildeverse.org

Noticed. Maybe it'll be of use somewhen but generally I prefer doing my stuff in an XTerm…

2.7.2 pocket-tilde

https://tildegit.org/Dataforge/pocket-tilde A private, go anywhere pocket tilde running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W! Host a tilde party, or use it for other interesting purposes

… might overlap with my ideas of lots of connected (meshed?) mini nixens (see tilde2tilde). I'll keep an eye on pocket-tilde.

2.7.3 tilde2tilde, t2t

In a different text I'm fermenting some ideas for a network of tildes. Central focus shall be communication in this community and who prefers it shall be able to run a t2t node only reachable in I2P, tor's onion space or other transports. Communication with the normal internet shall be optional.

The idea to call it tilde2tilde or short t2t is new today.

More later…

2.8 20200229

2.8.1 DN42

NixNodes - Decentralized Network 42 https://nixnodes.net/services/dn42
WikipediA - Decentralized Network 42 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decentralized_network_42

I'll dive into this and its siblings later.

2.9 20200301

2.9.1 TildeNet ( aka ~Net)

2.9.2 Plan9 and/or 9Front Tilde?

An interesting OS, an unbearable UI.

Maybe some Plan9 and 9Front tildes would be the right place to collecively moarn this contrast?

Or do they already exist?

The tildeverse surprises me nearly every day with already existing stuff.

2.10 20200302

2.10.1 Update!


OpenWrt 19.07.2 r10947-65030d81f3 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-20.057.55219-13dd17f
  • [X] zsun0 - backup / update 19.07.0 to 19.07.2 / backup
  • [X] zsun1 - backup / update 19.07.0 to 19.07.2 / backup

I really should do something funny with these cuties!

2.10.2 Meh! The Postman Always Rings Twice. Maybe.

[Carlo Posti] missed me this morning. So an additonal Pi1-B+ awaits me at the post office tomorrow.

2.11 20200303

2.11.1 Emacs Org Babel Mystery? (I)   org

In org-9.1.9:

| #+BEGIN_SRC sh :results output org
| for i in $(seq 3) ; do
|  echo "* sec $i"
|  echo "  moo $i"
| done
| #+BEGIN_SRC org
| ,* sec 1
|   moo 1
| ,* sec 2
|   moo 2
| * sec 3
|   moo 3

I can't see why the last heading is not ","-quoted. :-(

More in Emacs Org Babel Mystery? (II).

2.12 20200304

2.12.1 New Pi test run

Works! \o/

Today no time for more. :-(

This one (Pi1-5) will join "the house of RasPIan" with the other newcomer (Pi1-4) still wating for the final OS install.

Their job is keeping me in touch with RasPIan on ARMEL and occasionally doing some tasks where low power is more important than a big oomph like (outdoor) distance tests with some transceivers (HC-12, LoRa, …) as soon as the weather is nicer again.

2.13 20200305

2.13.1 RasPIan-ised pi1-4 and pi1-5

Both got 2020-02-13-raspbian-buster-lite.

…with typical user-crontab to start screen with ~/.screen.cron-autostart where htop already is and other "services" will be wired to get their autostart.

2.14 20200306

2.14.1 Once upon a time in IRC

2020-03-06 14:08:45 in irc.freenode.net #devuan-dev, LeePen wrote:

Hi. beowulf arm64 mini.iso and debian-installer images now available: https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/devuan/dists/beowulf/main/installer-arm64/current/images/

2.15 20200307

2.15.1 More pi1-4 and pi1-5 polishing

Switch to classic /etc/network/interfaces style net setup.

Whaaaat? Why does

rfkill: cannot open /dev/rfkill: Permission denied
rfkill: cannot read /dev/rfkill: Bad file descriptor

show up now, or did I just overlook it previously?

(yeti@pi1-5:2)~$ ls -l /dev/rfkill 
crw------- 1 root root 10, 242 Mar  8 11:02 /dev/rfkill

I've seen that stuff before but I forgot cause and solution.

🕉mmmmmm… laaaaaateeeeeer…

2.16 20200308

2.16.1 More pi1-4 and pi1-5 polishing

  • w3m because w3mman
  • syncthing
    • launched via screen-autostart:
      screen 99 ionice -c3 nice -19 syncthing
      for being nice to the 700MHz ARMish CPUs.
    • syncing the usual ~/Sync

2.17 20200309

2.17.1 More pi1-4 and pi1-5 polishing

  • install tor and the usual hidden ssh port
  • test using HiddenServiceVersion 2|3 to have ssh on both onion address types

2.18 20200310

2.18.1 V

I test built V on Devuan3/armhf…

(yeti@cubietruck1:5)/tmp/v$ ./v --help
V error: `--help` has been deprecated. Use `-help` instead.
(yeti@cubietruck1:5)/tmp/v$ ./v -help
Use `v help` for usage information.
(yeti@cubietruck1:5)/tmp/v$ █

apt-get moo and aptitude moo are more fun!

2.18.2 Nah! I'm not an artist! (II)   colours org

Continuation from Nah! I'm not an artist! (I).

Played a bit more with colours for this text.

"amber" #f3bf10
"amber" * 2/3 #A27F0A
"amber" * 1/2 #795F08
"amber" * 1/4 #3C2F04
"amber" * 1/8 #1E1702

Some colours don't fit this scheme and probably never will. Like red and green for TODO and DONE and the red background FIXME block.

The colours probably will change again, so here a snapshot:

More in Nah! I'm not an artist! (III).

2.18.3 Roarrr!!!

Leo(-editor) could definitely be interesting if it weren't GUI-only. :-(

2.19 20200311 - Fukushima Day

2.19.1 ⌛ …thinking in progress… (I)   org wiki

For my stuff (in most cases notes about programming languages) currently done in nearly 100% plain org/babel a more networked representation or navigaion would be nice but I fear losing the org/babel features when switching to a classic wiki.

Lookig at org-brain the lack of exports repells me.

Should I switch from plain org/babel to org-wiki?

I still need more input to decide this.

Maybe I can do more with plain org/babel macros like turning a list of targets (e.g. properties⟶related) into a navigation line below a section heading? Diving deeper in plain org/babel sure will not be lost time.


2.19.2 DATA URI in org/babel (I)   org

…see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_URI_scheme#Examples_of_use

The red dot from the wikipedia example: @@html:<img src="" alt="Red dot"/>@@


The red dot from the wikipedia example: Red dot

We'll see if that will have some impact…

…probably capturing files at export time as DATA URIs is more what I would need.

More in DATA URI in org/babel (II).

2.19.3 Hey Easterbunny…

…you know, that I want an Org/Babel-PDA!


2.20 20200312

2.20.1 The Joy Of Ebay?

Ordered a flux pen weeks ago. Seller and shop claimed to be in Paris. Paris to Germany would be fast, I thought. The pen did not arive within the claimed time, so I got a refund. A week later the pen arives. Coming from mainland China!

If he'd been honest about the long distance, I'd have bought it nearer to home.

Ok, he'll get his money. But that will be the last tansaction with this cheater!

2.21 20200313

2.21.1 Power Outage

This morning $THEY will change our electricity meters. That shall last only 20 minutes per meter but when it might happen is given as a not exaclty a tiny range of hours.

I'm, not amused!

2.22 20200314 - Pi Day

2.22.1 Pi Day … aaaaaand … ???

Whats new in the Pi universe this Pi day?
What do I miss?
I dont see new stuff or anounces.

2.22.3 The next Pi1-B+ arrived

This Pi1-B+ was replaced by a Pi4 somewhere else and so was looking for a new home, tasks and friends.

Here it shall get a case with a 480x320 touchscreen. I hope, they'll like each other.

If halfway useable for that task, they shall help playing with various transceivers.

I thought, 700MHz will be enough for something mobile with a small display, while more uuumph won't help there and just would drain the battery faster.

It'll get it's welcome party tomorrow…

2.23 20200315

2.23.1 Test run of the Pi1-B+ that arrived at Pi day

Just a test with a SD card borrowed from one of the other Pis. I wasn't in the mood for much more.

2.23.2 Beowulf Beta is here!   devuan

2.24 20200316

2.24.1 Emacs packages blues

On …

~$ date   
Mon Mar 16 08:05:26 UTC 2020
~$ uname -a       
OpenBSD tilde.institute 6.5 GENERIC.MP#8 amd64

… with …

~$ emacs --version | head -1
GNU Emacs 26.1

… and only the default packages archive config …

Hide Package Archives:
[INS] [DEL] Archive name: gnu
            URL or directory name: http://elpa.gnu.org/packages/

… updating the packages list yields …

Failed to verify signature archive-contents.sig:
No public key for 066DAFCB81E42C40 created at 2020-03-15T21:05:02+0000 using RSA
Command output:
gpg: Signature made Sun Mar 15 21:05:02 2020 UTC
gpg:                using RSA key
gpg: Can't check signature: No public key

… while using only …

Hide Package Archives:
[INS] [DEL] Archive name: melpa
            URL or directory name: http://melpa.org/packages/

… works as expected.

Same problem on SDF/NetBSD8.

At home on Debian10 and Devuan3 …

~$ emacs --version | head -1
GNU Emacs 26.1

… using http://elpa.gnu.org/packages/ does not cough.

Should I understand this?

2.25 20200317

2.25.1 Nah! I'm not an artist! (III)   colours org

Continuation from Nah! I'm not an artist! (II).

I removed font-variant:small-caps from headings. Maybe I'll somewhen ditch using different sizes too.

The colours stay unchanged for now but I'm starting to question the current set of colours because the darker tones of this amber look a bit brownish. Maybe plain greyscale would be less distracting?

It's all in flux, so here again a snapshot:

More in Nah! I'm not an artist! (IV).

2.26 20200318

2.26.1 Welcome Pi1-a

So far my Pis just are used to follow some OSes. They are numbered pi{1..3}-{0..$X} where the 1st component is the Pi's board type and the 2nd component kind of codes the OS.

Two Pis per arch and OS. They are kind of software lab guinea pigs.

Name OS Comment(s)
pi{1,2,3}-{0,1} Devuan 1=1B+, 3=3B
pi{1,2,3}-{2,3} Debian 1=1B+, 3=3B+
pi{1,2}-{4,5} Raspbian 1=1B+

The Pi1 newcomer shall be used for hardware tinkering istead of feeding my OS curiousity and that doesn't fit the scheme above. I decided to name it pi1-a for now. Maybe I'll get a better idea later.

pi1-a got Raspbian/Buster today, will get a 480x320 touchscreen later, and one of its 1st jobs will be help with experimenting with transceivers.

2.27 20200319

2.27.1 eshell alias for rmail.el?   emacs eshell rmail

Welcome to the Emacs shell

~ $ which rmail
rmail is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in ‘rmail.el’.
~ $ rmail
usage: rmail [-T] [-D domain] user ...

Looks like despite rmail.el exists OpenBSD's rmail is preferred.

~ $ (rmail)

That way rmail.el launches.

First I thought I'd need an alias for rshell but I think I'll delay that until I made up my mind which of the MUAs in Emacs I'll use for longer.

2.28 20200320

2.28.1 #+OPTIONS: ...   org

  • num:nil

    Setting this looks better with headings that already look like numbers or dates. But not all headings do. So I removed it again.

    I'll stop thinking about this until I made up my mind about switching to org-wiki or org-brain and that decission sure still will take some time.

  • html-postamble:nil

    … may stay to get rid of the footer.

2.29 20200321

2.29.1 Updated org & installed org-brain   org brain

The current org-brain doesn't run on org-9.1.9, so I added ("org" . "https://orgmode.org/elpa/") to get a newer org-20200316 and org-brain-20200319.949.

Curiousity kills the cat?

I need to get an idea how to use this. Means: How to organise my stuff and when to use different brains for different topics and how to export stuff. Maybe glueing some brain files together via include directives would make a useful way to get a linear text from a bag of notes?

Some hours later…

Ok, still mostly needing to write linear texts about one topic I should explore plain Orgmode more before switching. Playing with Org-brain already may be a good idea but converting my current oldstyle linear texts to Org-brain should definitely wait a while.

2.30 20200322

2.30.1 Two brains now.   org brain

Installed org-brain and newer org at home too. Two places to experiment with it. We'll see what happens…

Staying 🕉ptimistic!

2.30.2 Nice find.   emacs

Added to ~/.emacs:

(savehist-mode 1)

See https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/SaveHist.

2.30.3 Back to org-9.1.9?   org

The newer org (starting with 9.2) kills e.g. the structure template expansion.

The cure: Enabling tempo in org-modules reactivates it.

[X]    tempo:             Fast completion for structures

2.31 20200323

2.31.1 ⌛ …thinking in progress… (II)   org brain

Playing with org-brain in two locations will expose a synchronisation problem too or will need disjunct topics in those brains. Maybe get git into the game? And what about tramp?

2.31.2 ⌛ …thinking in progress… (III)   org brain

And what about Emacs' startup as org-brain notes/nodes?

2.31.3 2019-nCoV Data (II) - Open Source   2019ncov

2.31.4 Bored because of that virus?   2019ncov


1 of 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2AkAoussnc
2 of 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjOW-VPj5HI
3 of 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXPtEDx0dnw
4 of 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmXkWrRPdUA

2.32 20200324

2.32.1 Hmmm.   llvm

Once upon a time on a Debian10/AMD64:

$ cat helloworld.c
#include <unistd.h>

int main(int argc,char *argv[])
        const char hw[] = "Hello, World!\n";
        write(1, hw, sizeof hw);
        return 0;
$ make -B
clang -emit-llvm helloworld.c -c -o helloworld
chmod +x helloworld
Hello, World!
$ █

Thanks to binfmt_misc llvm bytecode(?) is directly executable on Debian10.

The same binary transferred to OpenBSD-6.5:

$ ls -l helloworld                                                         
-rwxr-xr-x  1 yeti  tilde  2856 Mar 24 03:52 helloworld*
$ file helloworld                                                          
helloworld: data
$ lli helloworld   
Hello, World!
$ █

Does OpenBSD have something like Linux's binfmt_misc method for foreign executables?

2.32.2 RunCPM and Adafruit's SDFAT fork   esp32 runcpm



I should dedust a board type without PSRAM for it as long as RunCPM doesn't make use of it. It should be a no brainer because I conserved some snapshots of those suspects and the wiring:

SD slot https://github.com/MockbaTheBorg/RunCPM/issues/66#issuecomment-428233497
µSD slot https://github.com/MockbaTheBorg/RunCPM/issues/66#issuecomment-429730585

2.33 20200325

2.33.1 The Covid Curve (I)   2019ncov

Brain food for for lockdown:

20200308 3Blue1Brown Exponential growth and epidemics
20200311 Trefor Bazett The MATH of Epidemics - Intro to the SIR Model
20200325 Numberphile The Coronavirus Curve

More in The Covid Curve (II).

2.34 20200326

2.34.1 Emacs Org Babel Mystery? (II)   org

Continuation of Emacs Org Babel Mystery? (I).

In org-20200316 it's fixed:

| #+BEGIN_SRC sh :results output org
| for i in 1 2 3 ; do
|      echo "* sec $i"
|      echo "  moo $i"
| done
| #+begin_src org
| ,* sec 1
|   moo 1
| ,* sec 2
|   moo 2
| ,* sec 3
|   moo 3
| #+end_src

2.34.2 Better late than never   weechat

Upgraded from weechat-2.5 to weechat-2.7.1 at home.

Should I read all the changelogs and release notes since 2.5 now?

Ok! Took a jet for the fly over.

🕉mmmmmmmmm… o;-)

2.34.3 Devuan3 Netinstall / Devuan4   devuan

I test installed devuan3 via its beta netinstall images on an amd64 VM and an i386 VM and then instantly upgraded the result to devuan4.

Just for throwing an eye on the installer's and devuan4's progress.


2.34.4 DATA URI in org/babel (II)   org

Continuation of DATA URI in org/babel (I).

@@html:<img src="" alt="Red dot" height="32" width="100%"/>@@


Red dot

I had no luck with relative units like 2ex or 20pt. Maybe wrapping it in a div of a given size is the way to pass the outer dimensions by using percentages of them in img.

2.34.5 2019-nCoV Data (III)   2019ncov

Continuation from 2019-nCoV Data (II).

Live(?) data for Germany:

Dashboard Robert Koch-Institut: COVID-19-Dashboard

2.35 20200327

2.35.1 Document Navigation   layout org

Added more "Continuation of …" and "More in …" lines/links.

These should be macros but as long as swithing to org-brain or org-wiki still is on my wishlist, I'll add those links manually. If not switching to org-brain or org-wiki I'll chisel some macros.

2.35.2 The Covid Curve (II)   2019ncov

Continuation from The Covid Curve (I).

Brain food for for lockdown:

20200321 Tim Maudlin Pandemic for Mathphobes: A Public Service. Announcement
20200327 minutephysics How Soon Will COVID-19 Peak? (And How To Tell)

More in The Covid Curve (III).

2.36 20200328

2.36.1 The Covid Curve (III)   2019ncov

Continuation from The Covid Curve (II).

Brain food for for lockdown:

20200327 3Blue1Brown Simulating an epidemic

Automagically add all these updates to a summary table in an own section or node using orgmode magic.

2.36.2 Nah! I'm not an artist! (IV)   colours org

Continuation from Nah! I'm not an artist! (III).

Ok. Amber CRTs are a nice nostalgy but I think mainly using a greyscale needs a chance too.

It's all in flux, so here again a snapshot:

More in Nah! I'm not an artist! (V).

2.36.3 Nah! I'm not an artist! (V)   colours org

Continuation from Nah! I'm not an artist! (IV).

Textcolour #eeeeee was a bit too bright. Using #cccccc now.

It's all in flux, so here again a snapshot:

2.37 20200329

2.37.1 Lazy today?

3 TODO somewhen… mayhaps…

3.1 find a layout with nice 72 CpL & 80 CpL coexistence   layout org

Find a layout with 72 CpL for text but 80 CpL for code like in ye olden days with text in pica, code in elite on 8" wide (A4) paper.

IIRC pica had 10 CpI making it nice on A4 with 4+4 or 8+0 chars (left/right) border still giving 72 CpL.

IIRC elite had 12 CpI, so 96 CpL on A4 width. Centered 80 CpL code boxes should fit nicely between 72 CpL lines in pica.

Maybe it is as simple as making normal text 120% of text for code.

Maybe it isn't really worth it. I need 80 CpL for code and typical hackers' eyes will be used to this width and will have no problems with 80 CpL for normal text. I've written lots of stuff in this all monospaced and all 80 CpL look and nobody complained.

3.2 play with tor and mapaddress   tor

not urgent

3.3 HC-12 and LoRa433 range tests   hc12 lora433

  • How far can they reach.
  • How much bandwidth will remain at which distance?
  • What protocol would make sense?
    • Pure serial?
      • Unencrypted probably is not a good idea.
    • SLIP?
    • PPP?
    • VPN?

3.4 dvisvgm - A fast DVI to SVG converter   org svg tex

Quoting https://dvisvgm.de:

The command-line utility dvisvgm is a tool for TEX/LaTEX users. It converts DVI, EPS, and PDF files to the XML-based vector graphics format SVG. In contrast to bitmap graphics, vector graphics are arbitrarily scalable without loss of quality. All modern web browsers support a large amount of the current SVG standard 1.1. Furthermore, SVG files can also be displayed with the Java-based Squiggle SVG browser which is part of the Apache Batik project, and the free vector graphics editor Inkscape.

I think I read rumours that newer Org releases support it.

3.5 more modifiers via add on keyboard?

Can an added keyboard be used to get more modifier keys? It would be easy even with an Attiny85!

3.6 net2o — reinventing the Internet   chat forth net

I need to try it.

3.7 Orgify Emacs Startup   org

(c'est la z) Using Emacs - 10 - org init files looks like a good start. \o/

3.8 Banana Pi R1

Got two of them. Installing Debian and Devuan failed. The install images ignore the keyboard. Maybe I'm expected to do it using the serial console? A test run with OpenWrt-18.06(.4?) succeeded but I want a Debian sibling or a BSD on them.

Retry later…

3.9 Fixed? Rly?   fuzix z80pack

3.10 Zigbee CC2531 USB Dongle   zigbee


201709__ Linux-Magazin Zigbee-Geräte mit dem Raspberry Pi steuern
20121105 Ott, Alan @ Embedded Linux Conference – Europe Wireless NetworkingwithIEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN

S🕉mmmmmmeday… maybe… meh-be…

3.11 cowgol   cowgol cpm linux

Test …

https://github.com/davidgiven/cowgol A self-hosted Ada-inspired programming language for very small systems

… just for curiousity.


4 Last Words…

			 .----+----.       |  The END  |
			 | Repent! |       | is neigh! |
			 ·----+----·       ·-----+-----·
			      |  _    _       _  |
			      |\°v°  °v°     ò.ó/|
				|_|\/|_|)   /|_|

5 The End.